Monday, July 27, 2009

Lack of updates is a good thing!

We've been so busy having adventures that we have been severely lacking in updates!

Our latest endeavor is the launch of a new social networking site for dog owners in the Rio Grande Valley. Since getting Audrey I've been on the constant lookout for new and exciting places to take not only her for weekly socialization, but my other dogs as well. This new site is designed so that other dog owners can post about their adventures and we can all keep updated on dog-friendly/dog-related events in the RGV. Check it out at:

In two weeks Mackenzie and I will be debuting in AKC Rally Advanced at the Corpus Christi Kennel Club/Obedience Club of Corpus Christi's annual show. I'm really really excited.

Audrey is progressing quite nicely in the Looks department. Her feathering is coming in on her front legs and a tiny bit on the back legs, and she is finally filling out slowly. As for her personality she is still a demon when I'm not here (or so my parents tell me). But she has her glimmers of greatness. I'm guessing once both of my parents go back to work we can get back to our normal routine.

She is still hesitant allowing people to pet her/approach her but in general she is recovering from being startled or wary much faster than even a few weeks ago. Speaking of a few weeks ago, Audrey went on her first trip to the Beach (South Padre Island) and she had a blast. She was a perfect little traveler and earned the nickname Angel the whole weekend. She loved walking on the beach and walking into/jumping over the waves.

We still go to the bar every Thursday and we just started walking at the World Birding Center last Friday and I hope to take her there at least every week or every other week. Assuming she doesn't fall headfirst into the pond again. :)

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